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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve!

SO EXCITED, SOOOOOO EXCITED! Here's the stash for Santa & his reindeer. It's gunna be hard giving up the carrot though... Posted by Picasa


  • At 4:11 am, Anonymous Julia said…

    Hey Bex! So good to hear from you again! No, no- you're not one of the disappointments!!!! I was just referring back to a lady I translated a pattern for that took quite a while, and who gave me the ugliest sock yarn in exchange.
    I've been meaning to get back to you for so long, sorry I haven't written any time sooner! I've been a little discouraged by craftster, most of the time I check it out there's problems with the site:-(

    So Poppy is walking and singing now! How cool! Johanna is quite the climber already, but she doesn't sing much. She's started to say a number of words now (most of which only I can understand;-)). She's been such a darling for the past weeks, but since last week, she's been a cranky nightmare. She cries all the time and when we were at the doctor's yesterday, she threw a half-hour fit until I was at the verge of tears. It was so frustrating and humiliating with everybody staring at us and kids actually coming up to me saying 'make her stop crying so loud, I'm getting a headache'. Grrr.

    Ugh, I gotta clean this mess of an apartment before I get sucked into reading a billion blogs again;-)
    Do you have any new pix of Poppy?

    HUGS to you both!!


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