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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pumpkin Head!

I love Harry & I love PUMPKIN! Mummy reckons the title of this post will bring back some memories for the 'Kaori Parade Girls'. I wonder what she could mean...?


  • At 6:54 pm, Blogger Poppy said…

    Hi Sweetheart - you sure do love pumpkin - good girl!!!!! You look beautiful in all of your photos- Grumps is printing some out and we will send a copy of them all to Great Nan. Harry was here last night with Karen and James -he is a very good boy . He is growing quickly and likes to look around at everybody and everthing . Grumps is building some book cases for Charlie Millington and is ALWAYS covered in sawdust - I have to tell him to be careful not to get any on Harry!!!! Give Mum and Dad a big kiss from us. We love you. Not long until we see you - HURRAY Baba and Grumps xxxxxxxxPS Babas just know about socks !

  • At 10:35 pm, Blogger Poppy said…

    YAY! See you all soon... Love POPPY! XX.


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