Poppy! The Japanese Styled Ozzy Child...

Friday, May 06, 2005


This is my Ozzy Styled mate Erinna. She lives in OZ but her name is Japanese. Go figure? How cute is her Bunny outfit! We love Erinna!


  • At 5:32 am, Blogger Poppy said…

    Just had another look at Poppy's website - LOVE IT! That's nice of you to include Erinna on there.
    Poppy is just sooo cute! I love the shape of her mouth! She just looks so much like the both of you.
    I have to send you this new photo of Erinna...
    Love Nicky, Darren & Erinna.

  • At 5:45 am, Blogger Poppy said…

    We saw the pics of Erinna, tooo cute! I can't wait to play with her in August...

    Love POPPY! XX.


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