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Sunday, March 13, 2005

My boyfriend Finn!

Me & my boyfriend Finn.

Mum, My Ma-kun & I all went to Tokyo on the weekend to see Melsy's photo exhibition @ 'Festa Gallery' in Harajuku. It was really ACE! Mel is a really talented photographer, watch out for her stuff over in OZ. She's gunna be famous. We had to say goodbye the next day 'cause Mel's going back to OZ on Tuesday. Mum & My Ma-kun had a hard time with it too. Everyone's going back to OZ!

We also made friends with Deanne & Masao at the gallery. They are super cool! We love them!

We went to apply for my passport so I can go to OZ with Mum & My Ma-kun in August. The ladies at the embassy thought I was really cute...

I caught up with my boyfriend Finn. We love each other and one day we will get married. Our Mum's have already decided to breed us! A BIG thank-you to Aunty Kel, Uncle Tats & my boyfriend for showing us such a good time. We'll be back!

Happy Birthday to 'B' for the 14th!

Love POPPY. xx


  • At 6:54 am, Blogger surprise shower said…

    i have never seen anything as cute as this pic...have spent the last half hour just staring at it and giggling...you make the sweetest couple i feel all mushy and gooey - super duper cute! love d


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